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We are a Freedom Oriented Newsprint. We are Liberty UNCENSORED!

The media of the modern world is owned and operated by the cartel of media monopolists; AT&T, CBS, Comcast, Disney, Newscorp, and Viacom. The names of these companies don’t really matter though as acquisitions and mergers are between the same shareholders and executives anyway. Some better names to remember might be Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street.

Where ought we turn to for truth in news and media? What can we do to ensure that the content we are absorbing is accurate, unbiased, and representative of facts and not agendas?

Well, here we are. If we have any bias at all, it’s a bias toward freedom of the individual above all else. We do not care to throttle our speech for group think, political correctness, sensitive people’s feelings, or to engender good feelings with everyone.

We are uncompromisingly intent on our purpose to disseminate fact-based content that can illuminate what has been obscured, rectify what has been perverted, and light a fire under the asses of the people who have been ensorcelled into living death.

Liberty Uncensored Newspaper is a community-funded publication. We not only create content here on substack, but use the funds we receive from loyal supporters here to create a physical newsprint delivered directly to the public to get a wider audience involved in the conversation about Freedom. To receive new posts and support our work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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Never before in known history has a single narrative been so unqualifiedly and cunningly insinuated into the human species as that which is promulgated by the globalist cartel. We MUST utilize every effort to establish our voices and defend our lexicon before these are forever drowned in the ocean of double-speak (one might say newspeak), groupthink, and linguistic decay.

Despite the greatest efforts of these monopolists, We the People have yet not surrendered our minds and hearts so fully as to disregard our humanity and our dignity. We stand firm on the battlefield for the human soul, sending lead downfield in the form of truth. We stand mighty as Sovereigns unto ourselves, steeled to open the gates and release the righteous fury that no injustice can weather.

The line must be drawn in the sand. Those who have ever made any difference in this world are those who refused to be moved despite the weight of the tide that pushed against them. We are the unshakable, the immovable object, the death of the encroaching evil.

If you can relate, you are in the right place. If your heart cries hearing these words, you are in the right place. If you can hear freedom ring, welcome home.

We love our world, our humanity, and our story. We have chosen to be a part of that story by correcting what has been redacted and rewritten by corruption. We want a different path. We are mankind. We are the holy birth of the creative capacity of the universe. We need to remember this and create something better.

Let us never waver in the confrontation with villainy, whether the villain inside or the many outside.

Launching in Late October, and delivering the First Issue on December 1st 2022, Liberty Uncensored has already connected with thousands of viewers on social media and video platforms, and has delivered either PDF copies or Physical copies to thousands of readers.

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a large amount of content that relates to subjects ranging from Cryptocurrency to False Flags, and from Juicing for Cancer to Building a Garden. We discuss events like the Vinyl Chloride being released in Ohio and the destruction of the Twin Towers. We bring to light solutions to many problems, such as how to move to places in the world that support freedom rather than authoritarianism.

Every week, we will have at least 2 Publications posted.

We do video interviews with Freedom Fighters for wide dissemination on Odysee, and other platforms. Our interviews are focused on discussing direct and actionable solutions the problems facing us today.

We host our Podcast here, with the Unveiling A Better World Series, Wandering Thoughts Series, and more.

On social media, we focus on Telegram, Twitter, and TikTok. We are currently looking to refine our use of these platforms for optimal exposure and to determine which platforms are most suited to our mission. We are always looking for the optimal balance between exposure potential and the Virtue of the platform we are using.

In a regular week, you can expect to see several postings from Liberty Uncensored, of varying depth.

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Liberty Uncensored Newspaper is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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We are a free, liberty-oriented, a-political newsprint. We publish educational, inspirational, and technical content on how, why, and where to live free. Exposing tyrants, building the Renaissance, learning to live off-grid, prepping and more.


We are a Freedom-Oriented Newsprint. We are Liberty UNCENSORED! A-political, pro-freedom & pro-decentralization news & media. Delivered for free, door-to-door, to the people that need it the most.