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K-TAW = Kindly-Tizing ArtWork :: a kind of funny money

ArtWork backed by community spirit of exchange

MISSION: We are artists banded together in partnership with businesses and community to exchange Art-Works in support of the local economy.

METHOD: Beyond permaculture currency. Barter. Banter. Build.

De-centralized. Organically local. Open Source. Bank on yourself.

PURPOSE: Dollar-sized ArtWorks used as advertising and gifted into the local economy. To be used by businesses and citizenry … to trade.

CONSUMER Instructions

1.  Use ArtWork as you would cash for dinner, coffee, soda, tips, a massage, health care, child care, & more. Ask the community business if they take the ArtWork.

2.  You may receive ArtWork in your change when buying a product locally, as a gift for a birthday, as a tip for a job well done, & more.

3.  Closer to the expiration date (find date on the ArtWork), turn it back to the owner of the ArtWork and they will give you cash or more-than-equivalent services or products.

4.  The more ArtWork is passed for exchange in the community before it is turned in, the more sustainable the community economy!

Get real…. Spend ArtWork…. Go local.


OWNER::BUSINESS instructions

Why use ArtWork as local exchange in Advertising:

   --Get people talking about what you are doing.

   --Use your advertising budget locally.

   --Subtract the cost of your ArtWork as advertising.

   --Watch people smile & laugh when “playing” with your “funny money”.

How to get started:

   --Pay a small amount to a local artist for the ArtWork. Or make your own.

   --Set aside an amount of cash to pay the “reward” for the return of the ArtWork. (You also may barter for the ArtWork with services or product.)

   --Write or pay a writer to add:

      1. Your business & slogan & offerings.

      2. Your area of “good within ___miles of your place of business”.

      3. Expiration date. Usually 3-6 months.

   --Give your ArtWorks away.

      1. You can only spend ArtWork other than your own.

      2. Offer as a thank you to: Regulars, High pay customers, Bonuses &

Perks, Friends & Family, Lovers.

When the ArtWork is presented back to you

   --Give cash or

   --Give services or

   --Give a product.

Keep gifting it out until closer to the expiration date.


ARTIST instructions

1. You may

   --Make your own ArtWork to advertise you and your business.  OR

   --Be commissioned to make ArtWork for someone else to advertise.

   --Do one or the other because the Kindly-Tizing ArtWork is Open Source, meaning the ArtWork is not copyrighted. K-TAW believes in a gift society and a healthy local economy.

2. If you are commissioned to produce an ArtWork for someone else:

   --You may sell your labor and supplies. Once a business, person, or a not-for-profit owns the ArtWork then the ArtWork totally belongs to them. They must set aside the “reward money” to exchange by the expiration date.

3. If you create the ArtWork for yourself to advertise yourself:

   --You are the owner. When you own the ArtWork, you are the one who must set aside the “reward money” to exchange by the expiration date. The Owner must give ArtWork away as a gift to the community economy.

   --You may take the cost of ArtWork off your income for advertising.

4. The Owner of the ArtWork must give/gift it away during the time period.

   --Because if you sell the ArtWork, you

      1. must pay taxes on the sale and

      2. cannot deduct ArtWork as advertising.


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I'm sorry to show my ignorance here but I'm having a really tough time sourcing what the 1817 notice card is. The inter webs clearly want to push me in a direction of the regulation of banks and corporations and various government forms. Any nudge in the best direction would be appreciated. Thank you

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Yeah, well I do admit that there's a big enough number of bad cops to where my rare dealings with them haven't been so gr8t when I needed their protection as a victim of crime & they nearly or actually failed me.

I just have a problem with criminals actually trying to get off with their law-breaking behavior by going all- American, talking about their rights when they shouldn't have to worry about it if they didn't break the law in the first place.

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I think you can only have a problem with the police when they are clearly in the wrong, not you. I have experienced this before on a couple different occasions.

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